Get to Know Your Next Favorite Radio Host

Get to Know Your Next Favorite Radio Host

Learn more about Shani Scott

Shani Scott is an accomplished radio personality who brings enthusiasm and passion to the East Texas area through a variety of radio frequencies. If you’ve heard Shani Scott on any of her radio shows or speaking engagements, you could recognize her spirited persona and lively voice anywhere. She began her radio career in August 1994 and since has gone on to become a published author, a mother of two beautiful daughters, an actress and a spokesperson for various organizations.

In May 2010, Shani suffered from a massive stroke, causing her to undergo intensive rehabilitation. Although the odds were set against her, she was able to learn to walk, read and write again. After overcoming such an experience, she believes that all things are possible through faith and shares her encouraging experience to inspire others.

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If you’re in need of an inspirational speaker with years of experience hosting shows and events, Shani Scott is the person to call. Book her for your next event to:

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